TGS Care Fund

TGS Care Fund

Dear Trinity Community

It is my belief that crises reveal the character of a community. That has certainly been the case during the recent travails of COVID-19. Our students, staff and parents have responded impressively, negotiating the changes and challenges elegantly.

In recent weeks we have come together – face to face – as was our routine prior to implementing our Distance Learning Program. We have not returned to “normal” though, as there are many aspects of our daily life here that are no longer normal. At this early stage there are many things that we miss, yet many things that are better in this new environment. It is not normal to get this far into the winter season and not have victories and defeats to celebrate or lament. It is not normal to conduct so many of our gatherings online. And it is not normal for us to have a brand new, big and impressive cafeteria! The new normal includes these and other adjustments to life at TGS.

It has been a difficult time for many, of course, and it is likely that the difficulties will continue for a good while yet. The community response to those affected has been very warm. The Parents Association has formalised a program of providing food for families in need. The TGS TLC Community Support Group is underway and is a tangible example of Trinity families looking after each other. Another compelling example was when several families forewent their Term 2 rebates and asked that they be passed on to those who need support at this time.

Members of our community have been asking for ways to look after each other, and as such we are inviting people to make contributions to our TGS Care Fund in lieu of our annual giving program. The TGS Care Fund will help ensure that COVID-19 does not disrupt the education of students whose families have been financially challenged in the current climate. To make a gift to help support these families, please refer to the details below or click here to download a Gift Form.

Kathy Hines
Advancement Manager