Senior School

Senior School

The Senior School is structured around Year levels for the pastoral care and academic curriculum. There are just over 1000 boys in the Senior School and class sizes are between 24 to 26 at Years 7 and 8. Depending on the subject, Year 9 to 12 class sizes vary from 10 to 26. The vertical house system provides cross-age activities for friendly competition and interaction between students.

Most students are considering tertiary study. The curriculum is academically focussed and mindful of those students who need either extra assistance or extension at School.

Every student should experience success and feel connected to each other, their teachers and the School. Sport, Music, Drama, Public Speaking, Technology, Solar Cars and the Outdoors Program provide opportunities for enjoyment, success and challenge. Trinity students have the opportunity to enrol in external VET courses. Trinity is also a RTO (#20993) and runs selected VET programs on-campus.

School is serious but not drudgery. While notebook computers are part of our learning style, using your hands and making and doing are important. We wish to ensure that different needs are acknowledged and encouraged.

Trinity has a traditional core of subjects but is innovative with the Discovery units at Year 7, Learning Journeys at Year 8, Year 9/10 subject choice and our Outdoor Leadership training at Year 10. Year 11 and 12 boys share some classes with Ruyton Girls’ School in the Coordinate Program. We want our boys to feel valued by the School and hope they will enjoy new studies and develop the confidence and self-esteem to become responsible members of our society.

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