School Fees

School Fees

2021 Annual Tuition Fees for Domestic Students

Payment of Fees

Tuition fees are payable one term in advance (eg tuition fees for Term 1 are due at the commencement of Term 4 of the previous year; tuition fees for Term 2 are due at the commencement of Term 1 of the same year etc)

A Fixed Charge (which does not apply to ELC students) is payable each term, to cover costs including those associated with sporting equipment, bus travel to training/sporting matches, school publications and accident insurance protection. 

Addition charges are payable for:

  • Compulsory school camps (students in Years 3 – 10)
  • the provision of tablet computers and associated incidentals (students in Years 5-12)
  • some excursions
  • private music lessons
  • school photographs

A discount on tuition fees is available where fees are paid in full in October of the preceding year.

A family discount is available to families with three or more students enrolled at one time (excluding ELC).  The third and subsequent child qualify for a 25% discount in tuition fees.

Cashless Student Account System

Trinity uses an innovative cashless point of sale system called “My Monitor” that is linked to the existing student identification number and uses the student card. Currently this system can be used for the following services:

  • Printing

  • Photocopying

  • Cafeteria Purchases

All Junior School parents can also utilise the on-line ordering feature for student lunches. Orders of items on the on-line menu can be placed in advance and right up until 9am of the day of order. Payment is made through the My Monitor “Online account”, so it removes the need for cash. Instructions on how to use this system can be found on Trinity Connect under Information, Cafeteria.

For all enquiries regarding enrolment, please contact:

Mrs Kathy Byrne – Registrar
admissions@trinity.vic.edu.au or  +61 3 9854 3600