Old Trinity Grammarians

Old Trinity Grammarians Reunion

Old Trinity Grammarians' Association

Even after our students graduate, they remain a special and integral part of the Trinity community. 

Past students of Trinity Grammar School, Kew are known as ‘Old Trinity Grammarians’, or more colloquially, ‘OTGs’.  

Since 1909, the Old Trinity Grammarians’ Association (OTGA) has provided an official link both between Old Trinity Grammarians and with the School.  

OTG Group

Creating connections

Fostering and maintaining connections amongst Old Trinity Grammarians is a core function of the Old Trinity Grammarians’ Association. The OTGA proudly supports a range of events for past students, including reunions, networking opportunities and formal functions. These activities allow alumni to draw on their shared experience of Trinity Grammar School, Kew to build personal and professional relationships in their lives. 

Through various Clubs affiliated with the Old Trinity Grammarians’ Association, past students can represent their alma mater on the sporting field, in the pool and at the theatre. The OTGA also connects alumni with community service and outreach opportunities, facilitating the continuation of students’ commitment to ‘Harambee’ well after graduation. Click here to learn more about OTG Clubs.


The Trinity Grammar School, Kew alumni community stretches around the world and across a wide range of industries and professions. Past students can tap into this network through the OTGA to seek advice, build connections and seek future employment opportunities. The OTGA also supports the career aspirations of current students in association with the School’s Careers Department through skill sharing, mentorship and advice.  


Through communication, the Old Trinity Grammarians’ Association strives to inspire, connect and engage members of its community. News, updates and event notices are shared through the OTGA’s website, Facebook page, LinkedIn group and email distribution list. Links to these accounts. Alumni are also regularly featured in the Trinity Grammar School, Kew magazine publication, The Trinity Grammarian. Learn more about the people who are part of our TGS community here.

Women of Trinity Grammar (WOTG)

The connections created through Trinity Grammar School, Kew extend beyond past students.  

Women of Trinity Grammar is an informal, all-inclusive social group which aims to retain a link between mothers and carers of Trinity Grammar School, Kew through events and gatherings.