Learning to Lead

“The thing I love the most about Trinity is the abundance of opportunities given to us. We are provided with the facilities to become the best versions of ourselves, in whatever form that is. Trinity has given me the platform to explore my interests, and excel in all aspects of my life, and I am so thankful for that opportunity.” — Torren, Year 12 student leader 

Our Leadership programs focus on a servant leadership model. Boys are encouraged and supported to work for others, displaying humility and respect in every interaction. All boys, regardless of whether they hold an official leadership position, are given an opportunity to serve within a supportive environment in which they are taught to lead. 

During their time in Junior School, students are involved in a Buddies program and are also supported by Senior School students via the Cross Age Mentoring program. More formal student leadership opportunities, such as captaincy roles, are also available at the Year 6 and Year 12 level.  

Students are supported to succeed in every aspect of their leadership development. For students who wish to extend their public speaking skills, Trinity offers a comprehensive Debating program in both Junior and Senior Schools with opportunities to compete beyond the classroom.  

Leadership Square