Healing and support

Healing and support

In our history, there have been instances of hurt and pain caused to those within our community.

Trinity is committed to a caring, compassionate and authentic response to survivors of sexual abuse, and to providing ongoing care, assistance and support to those impacted. 

The services of an experienced, independent counsellor are available to all survivors, their families and anyone from within our school community who requires support. This service is independent, confidential and free.

Pauline Ryan 

Independent counsellor Pauline Ryan has worked with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse for almost 40 years, as well as a therapist at a Specialist Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital with children who have been sexually abused. Pauline has been engaged by Trinity to independently and confidentially assist anyone within the community who requires support. 

Contact Pauline: 1800 799 139 or 0412 677 015 

Further support is available through the National Redress Scheme. The National Redress Scheme is in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.  

More information is available at nationalredress.gov.au

The Memorial

The school is creating a memorial in the Chapel precinct for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse as a place of remembrance, reflection, truth, healing and hope. This location has been selected to be inclusive and accessible for the community to reflect on this difficult yet pertinent part of our history. 

To inform and shape the memorial, we would value further guidance and input from survivors, their families, and anyone from within the school community who wishes to contribute. 

You can contact the school directly on 9854 3633 or Pauline Ryan for independent and confidential thoughts regarding the memorial. 

Commitment to ongoing Child Safety 
We have an ongoing commitment to the safety of the children in our care. 

Trinity has in place a Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct together with a suite of policies for broader obligations including Mandatory Reporting in line with the Victorian Child Safety Standards. 

The school also uses contractor and visitor induction management software LinkSafe to manage Working with Children checks and other compliance obligations to ensure the continued prioritisation of the safety of all current students.