“Harambee”, the name used for Trinity’s community outreach programs, is a Swahili word that loosely translates as “all together we make a difference”.

The Harambee initiative was established in 2015 to consolidate and grow Trinity’s outreach and community service programs. Trinity students, staff and volunteers work with non-profit organisations to invest in the community and educational development on a local, national and international level. Harambee’s purpose is to support Trinity’s mission to grow young men empowered to contribute to the global community with courage, humility and integrity.

Some of the Harambee partnerships include: 

Good Grub 


Good Grub supports residents in our local community living with mental health conditions.  Every Tuesday, students visit Good Grub and serve meals to members of its community, while also engaging in conversation.  Our community also supplies food to support their operations.

Goof Grub web
Trinity student with children

Africa Homework Club 


The Africa Homework clubs supports children and families with refugee backgrounds by helping them with their homework.  Trinity students travel to Collingwood every Friday afternoon, to be mentors and tutors. 

You Matter 


You Matter supports victims of domestic violence by providing furniture and other household items necessary to run a home, assisting victims to build a haven from which families can launch their new life in a stable environment.  Trinity students, staff and OTGs assist by collecting furniture donations.

You Matter Trinity
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Gunbalanya Community 


Gunbalanya is a remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory.  Our partner, Grow Hope, offers opportunities for students to participate in life skills programs and vocational training in Darwin, which they would not otherwise have access to in Gunbalanya, and has seen school attendance lift from 30% to well over 90%.

Hopebuilders International 


Our outreach programs in Uganda through HopeBuilders International encompass the Village of Hope and Youth Support Uganda, amongst others. The Village of Hope comprises fourteen houses, which are designed to house up to eight orphans as well as a house mother, in most cases a widow. The Village provides an opportunity for these children to grow up in as close to a family environment as is possible and receive an education.

Village of Hope Uganda
Vocation Centre 7

Harambee Vocation Centre 


The Vocation Centre helps the most vulnerable single mothers from the slums of Embul-bul by empowering them through vocational training, trauma counselling and financial assistance. As part of the vocational training, fifteen young mothers graduate from a tailoring and dress-making course every year.

International Needs 


Funds in this program assist International Needs to provide child sponsorships for educational and health programs to vulnerable children in the Philippines. Sponsored children are selected from the most disadvantaged families, deeply determined to receive an education.

Phillipines Trinity Grammar