Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre


Trinity Grammar School is proud of our long tradition of excellence in Early Childhood Education. Our program for our young learners is underpinned by the PYP inquiry-based learning and Reggio Emilia approach.  

At Trinity, we understand how important the early years are for every child. The ELC aims to provide a rich and meaningful education that inspires children. Each individual child is welcomed, valued and nurtured to strive and be involved in fun, engaging and authentic learning. In the ELC, our goal is to promote innovative, creative thinking in every child. Our program is built upon respect, kindness, community and a holistic approach to nurturing the “whole child”.  

Every day our classrooms are filled with investigation, discovery and wonder. 

A typical day in the ELC

8.45am – Children are welcomed into the ELC where they are guided to place their backpack into their labelled locker, unpack their lunch, snack and water bottle, and wash their hands before beginning the day. 

9.00am – The educational program begins, which may include a variety of indoor or outdoor experiences including small group work, individual exploration and specialist classes. 

10.00am – Morning tea 

10.30am – Whole group experiences such as stories, discussions, experiments, dancing, movement and singing.  

12.00pm – Lunch 

1.00pm – Relaxation time 

2.00pm – The educational program continues. 

3.00pm – Pick-up