Following an extensive community consultation process, a new governance framework and Constitution was adopted in April 2019.

Key features of the new Constitution included:
  • Full alignment with the ACNC Act and Corporations Law;
  • Full voting rights for all Council Members;
  • The creation of Stakeholder Members, who attend AGMs, EGMs with full voting rights, to provide new formal accountability and informal feedback mechanisms;
  • Positive obligation on Council to engage with the Community; and
  • TGS’s Vision, Values and Mission embedded into a preamble to create a living document that can continue to evolve with TGS needs.

In 2021, the State Government introduced revised Education & Training Regulations that required all registered non-government schools to review their Constitutions to ensure they aligned with the minimum registration standards overseen by the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority. The School Council undertook a review of the 2019 Constitution and sought legal advice to have amendments prepared that complied with the new legislation. The School Council used this opportunity to clarify some of the initial transitional term clauses during this time.

At the May 2022 Annual General Meeting, the Members (Stakeholder and Council Members) resolved to adopt a number of changes, primarily procedural, that enables full compliance with the non-government school’s legislative framework.

The new Constitution can be viewed here.