About Trinity

About Trinity

Established in 1902, Trinity Grammar School, Kew is an Anglican, Independent school for boys located in the inner-East suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

At Trinity, we know that every student is different and every educational journey is unique. On the path from early childhood learning to high school graduation, we strive to help our students discover and develop their passions, and inspire them to find their resilience as they encounter challenges along the way.

Academically, our students perform exceptionally well from the junior level through to VCE. Through the Coordinate Program with Ruyton Girls’ School, Trinity students are also able to extend their studies and their minds in a co-educational learning environment.

In alignment with Trinity’s academic curriculum is a comprehensive cocurricular program. Sport, music, performing arts, technology, design, hospitality and more are supported by specialist teachers and facilities, including expansive sport and outdoor education locations in Bulleen, Nillahcootie and Licola.

The community that surrounds Trinity is centred in togetherness. The values of courage and compassion, which are also reflected in the ‘Harambee’ student service program, stretch well beyond graduation and into an extensive alumni network, parent community and staff cohort who together characterise what makes Trinity, ‘Trinity’.

Ultimately, we strive to see our students and graduates become the best version of themselves, whatever that may be.