Celebrating the positive contributions of our leadership staff

Celebrating the positive contributions of our leadership staff

Celebrating the positive contributions

of our leadership staff


Gender representation in leadership is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to imagining a gender-equal world.  

With the recent appointments of Catherine Brandon (Director of Wellbeing), Lauren Borschmann (Director of Leadership) and Stephanie Walton (Director of Teaching and Learning), Trinity now has six female members of staff at the senior leadership level.  

They join Susan Hill (Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School), Lucy Cohen (Director of Community Engagement) and Maria Rocco (currently on parental leave from her role as Director of Human Resources) in bringing their extensive experience and expertise to their roles.  

On International Women’s Day today, we celebrate the positive contributions they make to Trinity and acknowledge our role and responsibility as a boys’ school in forging a gender-equal future.  

As key members of senior leadership, Catherine, Lauren, Stephanie, Susan, Lucy and Maria have responsibilities across curriculum, wellbeing, community and leadership, which have flow-on effects across every aspect of the school.  

Lauren Borschmann, who’s portfolio lies in leadership, comments that the importance of leadership roles is to ‘develop attitudes that shape behaviours of authentic leadership of self and with others, to contribute positively within and beyond our communities’, which is pertinent in the context of female leadership in a boys’ school environment.  

Lauren joins Trinity with experience in developing evolving leadership charters, improving student and staff experiences with supported pathways in meaningful ways.  

‘My initial focus is to discover the ‘gold’ in what we already do well in the area of student and staff leadership that contribute to a contemporary education environment, with strong relationships within and beyond Trinity community,’ she said. 

Director of Community Engagement Lucy Cohen has worked in the Independent and Catholic school sectors for more than 20 years, heading up community offices for the past 14 years. 

Lucy observes that the significance of a 50/50 gender balance at the senior leadership level is not to be understated.  

‘This is amongst the best in terms of independent boys’ school in Melbourne, and, in conjunction with the Coordinate Program with Ruyton Girls’ School, really demonstrates a distinct point of difference for the gender landscape at Trinity,’ she said.  

L-R: Stephanie Walton, Lucy Cohen, Susan Hill, Catherine Brandon and Lauren Borschmann.

As a boys’ school, we strive to empower our young people to lift up and advocate for the voices of women, to raise awareness about discrimination and to take action to drive gender parity, part of which is through modelling positive and gender-equitable leadership. 

Our Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School Susan Hill has been a member of Trinity staff for 15 years. Through her positions as form teacher, head of year level and her current role in the senior leadership team, she has garnered a wealth of experience and a breadth and depth of understanding that shines through in her composed leadership style.  

Stephanie Walton’s passion and priority as Director of Teaching and Learning is to enhance personalised learning for students, working in conjunction with curriculum leaders to align practices in the classroom and provide students with opportunities to reflect.  

Catherine Brandon is a specialist in the design of wellbeing programs. Through her portfolio as Director of Wellbeing, Catherine aims to promote purposeful strategies designed to enhance relationships and to foster greater learner confidence and agency.  

Maria Rocco is a people and safety expert, and has led teams outside the education sector. She joined Trinity in 2018, providing opportunities for change and supporting staff across the school in her role as Director of Human Resources. 

The positive impact this group of women has on our school, our culture, our perspectives and our community is paramount, and we are thrilled to celebrate their contributions to our school today, and every day.