2022 Student Leadership Announcement

2022 Student Leadership Announcement

2022 Student Leadership Announcement

Five inspiring, dedicated and passionate Year 11 students have just been appointed to positions of student leadership for the 2022 school year.

Oscar Brown will be the 2022 School Captain of Trinity Grammar School, Kew, ably supported by Vice-Captains Torren Arthur, James Blanch, David Fang and Aden Wilmshurst. 

With the prospect of becoming a mentor for those in the earlier years ahead, incoming School Captain Oscar says that he feels particularly honoured by the opportunity.

‘Coming through the younger year levels and having known previous student leaders during my time at the school, I am humbled and excited by the chance to have similar experiences with the more junior boys,’ he said.

‘I am hoping to impart a similar level of pride and enthusiasm for Trinity as was instilled within me.’

Looking down the barrel of a leadership role also has many of the boys considering what attributes make a good leader, and what kind of leader they would like to be.

James aspires to focus on being a ‘selfless and inspirational’ in his new role.

‘I endeavour to influence the school through values of integrity and empathy, and to reflect the views of the students at Trinity in my own character and leadership’, he said.

Similarly, David says that he has always looked up to leaders who treat others with respect and recognise the potential in everyone. ‘As a leader, these qualities are what I hope to be guided by,’ he said.  

L-R: Aden, James, Oscar, David and Torren.


Reflecting on their TGS journey so far, and how it shaped who they are today, also prompted the boys to consider what it was that made their experience so special.

Torren credits the ‘abundance’ of opportunities and facilities on offer, which he says ‘allow us to become the best versions of ourselves, in whatever form that is’.

‘Trinity gave me the platform to explore my interests, and excel in all aspects of my life, and I am so thankful for that opportunity.’

For Aden, the best part about Trinity is the ‘sense of community’. 

‘We’re so lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive group of staff and boys, where there are close bonds and a strong sense of camaraderie,’ he said.

And for Oscar, it’s the people – ‘students, parents, teachers, and anyone who associates themselves with the green and gold.’

‘The support and optimism of the community, in my opinion, helped Trinity to move in and out of lockdowns over the past two years with an adaptability that would not be possible without such unity,’ he said.

On behalf of Trinity Grammar School, Kew community, we would like to wish Oscar, Torren, James, David and Aden all the very best as they prepare for their new leadership roles.