Trinity has a long history of innovation with technology. In the 1990s it became one of the first schools in the world to issue laptop computers to its students, attracting the attention of Microsoft, who visited the school to explore how we were making best use of the technology.

Today we use a variety of devices in the school; iPads are used with our youngest students, who are then slowly introduced to laptop computers. All students in years 5 to 12 are provided with a school-issued laptop computer which the school manages and maintains, ensuring that students always have a device available for learning.

Technology is most effective when teachers build technological instruction into their curriculum delivery. Having a uniform computing environment enables teachers to build that instruction into their lessons, ensuring high-quality learning outcomes in the classroom. Of course, some learning activities are best carried out without access to any device, and so naturally not every lesson makes use of devices. Trinity does not permit students to access mobile phones during the school day.

Trinity was recently recognised as a Microsoft Showcase School in acknowledgement of the continuing work we are doing to make best use of Microsoft tools both in the classroom and beyond.

Ben Ryder, Director of Innovative Learning