Year 10 Curriculum

Year 10 sees students begin to define their pathways into their two-year VCE Studies program.

The life of a Year 10 student at Trinity is busy, engaging, focussed and fun. It is during this year that boys are encouraged to choose the subjects that they will attempt in the first year of their VCE program. This is the time when they must start to think about possible university courses and career pathways.

To assist them in this process, all students undertake a work experience placement. In addition, a guided testing program is used to help them uncover their aptitudes, interests, passions and areas for development, all of which assists them in making informed choices.

The academic rigour of the Year 10 program increases significantly throughout the year, in order to prepare each student for the challenges and opportunities presented by their final two years of secondary school. In addition to the core academic program, students are given access to a significant number of elective options, each of which is designed to broaden their skills and challenge their perceptions of the world. Trinity students learn to question the assumptions that underpin global interactions and the extent to which they themselves can be a positive influence locally, nationally and globally.

By the end of the Year 10 program, Trinity students are academically and socially prepared for the years ahead.


Year 10 curriculum