Our cocurricular program is designed to help boys develop an understanding of their place in the world and how they can contribute back to their local, national and international communities. Each activity offered is carefully and considerately designed to further their intellectual, personal, physical, social and emotional growth and development.

We offer over 100 different cocurricular activities, encompassing an incredibly wide range of disciplines and fields of interest. The breadth of our cocurricular program means there is something for each boy, and we strongly encourage them to involve themselves in as many activities as possible, so as to discover new interests, talents and passions.


In the Junior School, boys in Years 3 to 6 participate in the School Sport Victoria (SSV) Swimming and Athletics Championships, as well as weekly inter-house competitions at Bulleen, and regular round-robin sports with other Associated Grammar Schools Victoria (AGSV) Junior Schools.

In the Senior School, Trinity competes in the AGSV Saturday morning competition. All boys choose a summer and a winter sport from almost 30 different options. Our playing fields at Bulleen provide dedicated facilities for tennis, soccer, rugby, football, hockey and cricket, and we also offer a number of non-AGSV sport activities such as rugby, sailing, fencing and futsal.

Outreach Program

Our Outreach Program encourages boys, through active service in local, national and international initiatives, to become aware of their privilege, the needs of less fortunate members of their community, and the contribution they can make.

Performing Arts

We offer a diverse and engaging music program to all students from ELC to Year 12. Our Music Faculty offers a wide range of instrumental lessons, classroom music programs and ensembles, providing boys with well-rounded musical development.

Our Drama faculty stages a large number of productions each year. Some boys prefer to be on stage, while others prefer the supporting roles in sound, lighting or stage management. The Senior School House Performing Arts Festival is one of the highlights of the School year.

Outdoor Education

The personal insights and self-knowledge gained in the outdoors can contribute to the way a boy manages the situations he meets in other parts of his life. The outdoor program provides learning experiences on many levels. These are enjoyed by boys as they extend their knowledge of themselves, their peers and the natural environment.