Exchange Programs

Year 10 boys can participate in an Exchange Program with schools in Canada, USA, UK and South Africa. Under the program a Trinity boy will spend approximately six weeks living with a family overseas. The student usually attends the exchange school for 3-4 weeks, with the remainder as holiday time. The reciprocal exchange occurs at Trinity Grammar School, Kew sometimes a few months before or after the overseas exchange. Each family is responsible for their son’s own airfare and spending money. Trinity has some 20 different schools involved in this popular program.

There also is an opportunity for some Year 8 and 9 boys to exchange to St Philip’s College in Alice Springs and to schools in New Zealand for a shorter period.

Trinity has partner schools in Germany, France and China and there are tours organised to these schools every few years. In some cases these can lead to exchange opportunities.

Overseas sporting and cultural tours run regularly and provide further opportunities for international travel.

Information nights for students interested in exchange are held each year.