Exchange program

For nearly 20 years, the Trinity Cultural Exchange Program has provided a wonderful experience for students in Year 10 to spend six weeks in a different environment.

The aim of the Trinity Cultural Exchange Program is to provide students with an opportunity to interact with other cultures, improving their understanding and tolerance, while developing their interpersonal skills. Participants form lifelong friendships and networks abroad as well as further develop their independence.

The Program

The Program is a reciprocal one, and each exchange family is expected to host an exchange student in return. A Working with Children’s Check is required by each host parent or any adult who will have direct involvement with the exchange student while he is in Melbourne.

No fees are payable to the exchange school, however parents are responsible for arranging air fares and spending money. Travel insurance for the duration of the exchange is covered by the Trinity travel insurance policy. You may wish to take further insurance out if you require it. You should take out additional travel insurance if the student is doing additional travel after the exchange.

Year 10 Exchanges are for approximately six weeks, and are arranged with schools from Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Partner Schools

Trinity has an association with the following Schools:

South Africa

  • St David’s Marist Inanda Inanda, Northlands


  • St Michael’s University School Victoria, Vancouver
  • Southridge Surrey, British Columbia
  • Crescent School Toronto, Canada

United Kingdom

  • Oakham School Rutland
  • King Edward VI School Stratford upon Avon

To read more about the Trinity Cultural Exchange Program please click here.