Year 12 2016 Results


Earlier this year, I had the great privilege of hearing a speech delivered by Lieutenant General David Lindsay Morrison AO, the former Chief of Army and Australian of the Year for 2016. Lieutenant General Morrison was speaking about a topic which is very close to my heart – culture. He said that ‘Culture consists of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.’ Today, in this publication we seek to tell the academic story of our VCE students, a very important part of our culture, but only one part of the Trinity Culture.

The story that we present here is merely a snapshot of their journey through Trinity. The 165 young men who graduate this year have been exceptional for many things; their academic story is but one. They have been actors, musicians, debaters, sportsmen and, importantly, great men of service to others. They have been tireless in raising money for charitable causes and their attendance at the African Homework Club on a Friday night has been remarkable. Considering the breadth of the boys’ interests and activities, these academic results bear testament to the roundness of these fine young men and renews in us the confidence that our school’s focus on producing fine, well rounded individuals continues to bear fruit.

I would like to commend our dedicated staff who continue to go above and beyond the call of duty to support our boys. My colleagues are diligent, intelligent and devoted pedagogues who have created the conditions of success in their daily practice and relational approach to teaching. Mr Fred Brown-Greaves and Mrs Susan Hill are most deserving of special mention in their work as Head and Deputy Head of Year 12.

I acknowledge all our VCE students for these excellent results, but our joint Duces Jun Kim and Tiger Lin and Proxime Accessit Lachlan Collins should receive particular congratulations. To the exceptional men of 2016, well done!

Dr Michael Davies


Jun Kim started at Trinity Grammar School in 2011 in Year 7. He is a gifted musician and was a member of the Symphony Orchestra, the Symphonic Wind and the Clarion Ensemble amongst others. He played cricket and soccer as well as being a member of the School’s premiership winning Athletics team a number of times, achieving Triple School Colours in recognition of his co-curricular involvement. Jun was a Leppitt Leader and a member of the Training Team. As School Vice-Captain in charge of fortnightly School Assemblies he organised events with military precision. He is an outstanding orator and gave an exquisitely crafted and powerful speech to the whole school on gender equality.

This year’s School Captain, Tiger Lin started at Trinity Grammar School in 2011 in Year 7. He is a talented musician, a gifted orator and an exceptional scholar. Tiger was a member of the Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Wind and Brass Ensemble since Year 7. He was a member of the Leppitt Leader’s Program. Tiger is an outstanding debater and public speaker and achieved Triple School Colours in recognition of his comprehensive involvement. As School Captain, Tiger brought his sense of humour, intellect and outstanding public speaking skills together to make the ideal leader, delivering some memorable speeches on topics such as racial diversity and being true to oneself, not to mention coining a new word in his Presentation Night speech –‘opporTrinity’.

Our Proxime Accessit, Lachlan Collins, scored 99.9.

30% of all subject scores were a 40/50 or better.

20 Boys (12.3%) scored an ATAR of 99 or better (Alphabetical): Lachlan Collins, Hoaze Cui, Neil Du, Maxwell Curtis, Aidan Filshie, Cooper Gerwing, Lucas Hendy, Spencer Hines, Benjamin Hubber, Patrick Jaffe, Jun Kim, Samuel Jordan, Alexander Leptos, Renjay Liew, Tiger Lin, Findlay Miller, Mark Slavec, Oliver Stella, Sheng Fei Wang, Alexander Warren.

30 Boys (18.5%) scored an ATAR of 98 or better / 48 Boys (29.6%) scored an ATAR of 95 or better

79 Boys (48.8%) scored an ATAR of 90 or better / 115 Boys (71%) scored an ATAR of 80 or better

Perfect Subject Scores of 50

There were 15 subject scores of 50 from 10 boys and a further 5 subjects scores of 50 from the previous year.

Biology: Anand Bharadwaj (Year 10), Lachlan Collins
Chemistry: Lachlan Collins, Jun Kim
Economics: Alexander Warren
English: Tiger Lin
French: Anand Bharadwaj (Year 10)
Further Maths: Luke Hondrakis, Ethan Katz, Ben Slavec
History Revolutions: Spencer Hines
Physics: Lachlan Collins, Mark Slavec
Specialist Maths: Lachlan Collins, Jun Kim

In 2015 Lachlan Collins scored 50 in Mathematical Methods, Jun Kim scored 50 in Biology and Mathematical Methods, Tiger Lin scored 50 in Mathematical Methods and Mark Slavec also scored 50 in Mathematical Methods.