Trinity selected as Microsoft Showcase School

Trinity Grammar School, Kew is proud to announce that it has recently been selected as a Microsoft Showcase School.

Being a Microsoft Showcase School recognises that Trinity remains one of the world’s outstanding leaders in the educational use of Microsoft software. Our students develop their skills and understanding of the nuances of digital tools through their experiences both in and out of the classroom. They are confident users and manipulators of technology, aptly able to demonstrate how they make use of a range of digital tools, including the Office 365 suite. They collaborate on documents with each other and their teachers, who make extensive use of OneNote Class Notebook features. They create a range of media using digital tools, including 3D modelling and printing. Through discreet instruction, scaffolding and daily immersion, our boys are enabled to become the digital citizens they need to be in this globalized society.

The Trinity-Microsoft connection began in the early 1990s when, in an Australian first, the School introduced the Microsoft Office suite in an educational setting on student laptops. Bill Gates wrote to then Headmaster, Peter Crawley:

I want to thank you, the Trinity Staff and the Trinity students and parents for showing Microsoft and educators worldwide what can be achieved when a dedicated team is in pursuit of a noble vision. There is no doubt that your school is one of the world’s outstanding leaders in the educational use of our software.

Trinity invests heavily in its IT infrastructure. Classrooms are well-equipped, each containing an interactive touch panel, with many internal services being cloud-based.

The School’s IT team is currently undertaking a digital workplace transformation project using the full range of Office 365 tools to automate systems and workflows, with the aim of being more efficient, effective, and more enabling in everything it does.

We are proud to collaborate with Microsoft as a dedicated team jointly pursuing this vision.


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