Trinity Leadership Programs Today

20181025 year 7 campAs in days gone by, Trinity provides numerous opportunities, both formal and informal, to develop leadership skills.  The School recognises different styles of leadership and actively encourages individuals to immerse themselves in areas of interest. These channels contribute to developing the character of boys and help to form friendships at school which will last a lifetime.

A feature of Trinity’s leadership programs are the assistance and presence of other years and OTGs mixing, leading and growing together.  This involvement enables boys learn through role modelling and seeing peers leading by example.

Two of the main programs are Leppitt Outdoor Education and Somers Leadership Programs.

Leppitt and Somers through the eyes of a Year 11 Leader

Highlights from a speech to the Senior School at a recent Headmasters Assembly, Stanley, Year 11:

On a stunning, sunny Wednesday afternoon at the start of term, 120 Year 10 boys and 25 Year 11 and OTG Training Team (TT) members attended the Somers Leadership Course at the Lord Somers Camp near Flinders.  Blessed with perfect weather, we went through 3 days of leadership building activities.  Definite, though sometimes unexpected, highlights included spike ball, theatre sports, sandcastle building and debating, with Year 10s given the chance to lead others in their year level. The TT, meanwhile, also found it a great experience, creating bonds and memories with the Year 10s and each other.  I’m sure the experience will give the Year 10s the confidence and experience to help the Year 12s out in House next year.

The Leppitt Training Course, held at our Leppitt Outdoor Education Centre over 4 days, included 64 Year 10s and 23 Year 11/OTG Training Team members.  The purpose of the course is to prepare these Year 10s as leaders for Year 7 and 8 camps this and next year.   Highlights included Mr Stewart & Mr Lawson’s amazing catering and the chance to get to know these lads more personally.  Overall, a fantastic opportunity to create inter-year-level bonds.

You get out what you put in with these leadership courses, and I have NO DOUBT the boys on both camps gave it their all.

Leppitt Leadership Program

Leppitt Leaders Camp 1The Cascade of Leadership – where numerous peer years come together to support and enhance the training of today’s Leppitt Leaders.   Alan Daley, Coordinator of Leppitt Leadership Program, says ‘a lot of this leader’s course is a little bit about what some people call culture, other people say it is the Trinity way’.

As they demonstrate the Cascade of Leadership, the OTGs spanning many years share reflections such as:

  • there are genuine skills that (in my work in HR) I use with senior execs that I believe we teach at this course.  I still have my Leppitt folder at home and I still refer to it because the content in it and some of the application it has to the work I do every day’
  • ‘I keep coming back because of the positive experience I had on camp and through the course, and when you are an old boy, it’s the fun you had on camp you remember
  • ‘this is a course that is sought after worldwide from schools and adult education alike, so to be able to do this program and have the training on offer is incredible’
  • ‘I believe it is useful because you are asked to think for yourself, and given the trust to think for yourself’
  • ‘the course meant so much to us, so we want to give back because we understand how cool it is, how much you learn and we want you to have the same experience that we did’

Somers Leadership Program 

Leppitt Leaders Camp 2The Somers Camp is led by Year 11 students who work with 100 Year 10 students to prepare the boys for the responsibilities and challenges involved in being a senior member of their House and the wider school community. Program outcomes are designed for Year 10 students to recognise the importance of building positive relationships with younger students in their House, become more familiar and work cooperatively with peers, and develop skills to participate, and/or lead and coordinate House activities effectively.

OTGs have been involved in the Somers Leadership Program since 2015. They essentially act as mentors for the Year 11 Training Team.

Firstly, on the training weekend:

  • by modelling how to run activities and workshops
  • deconstructing and making explicit some of the skills they use
  • providing feedback and support for the leaders when they practise running their own activities

And then secondly on the Somers Program itself:

  • by sitting in on the various activities led by the Year 11 Training Team and assisting with the debriefing of activities
  • providing feedback to Year 11’s

My first outdoor education camp experience at Trinity was great! On the first day we arrived and met our year ten mentor and had a briefing about what we need to know while on camp and we planned our route for the hike to our first campsite. I learnt a lot about the land features of mountains and how to navigate your way through the forest. When we arrived at our first campsite we set up our tents and got ready to prepare dinner, which I enjoyed. After one night there the second day was mostly hiking again, with us having to hike to our next campsite, which required us to canoe across to the other side of the lake to spend another night there. On the third day we were meant to go to Leppitt but didn’t get the chance to canoe across as the conditions were too windy. While at Leppitt we did water activities, which were sailing and canoeing, which were my favourite activities. While sailing I learnt how to control the boat and had a lot of fun and while canoeing I learnt how to paddle correctly and I also had a great time. We spent the last two nights of camp at Leppitt and played many games together and had a great time. On Thursday morning we learnt how to set up a campfire to cook our breakfast and did the 1km Cattle Grid run. I really enjoyed my experience at camp and look forward to the year eight camps.

– Anthony, Year 7