Statement regarding the Federal Government review of religious freedoms

Faith based schools have been the subject of headlines this last week after the leak of Philip Ruddock’s review into Religious Freedoms, and, in particular, whether these schools can reject or expel LGBT+ students under protections given by Section 38 of the Sex Discrimination Act.

Given the ongoing commentary on this matter, we think it’s important you hear something from us.

As an independent Anglican School, Trinity’s ethos and values are shaped by the Christian faith. To the best of our knowledge, the religious exemptions in question have never been used at Trinity. Indeed, they are absolutely out of step with our deep commitment to be a safe and supportive place for all students, families and staff, regardless of their sexuality, faith position, race and ethnicity, or ability. There is no place for these exemptions in our school.

Trinity welcomes a diverse range of families to our community, however they are formed, and whatever they look like. We believe that this welcome is an expression of our Christian values and ethos. Just like the participation of all our boys and staff, regardless of faith position, in things like Chapel, Religious Education and Outreach/Service is an expression of our corporate commitment to Christian values and ethos.

We acknowledge that all members of our community, faith or no faith, are going to be at different places on different social and ethical issues. And as an educational community we welcome and engage with a great diversity of viewpoints and experiences expressed in a spirit of learning, humility, respect and mutual care.

Trinity is deeply enriched by the diversity within our School community and we are absolutely committed to being a place where all people, most especially our students, feel they are safe, supported and belong.

Phil De Young                          John Gillam                                                    Rev’d Matt Campbell­
Headmaster                         Chair of School Council                       Senior Chaplain/Director of Wellbeing