Kenneth Tse Donor Story

Kenneth Tse - OTG 1961

Earlier this year we received a significant gift directed to our Indigenous Scholarship Fund. The donor, Kenneth Tse, is a member of our OTG community who had lost connection with Trinity once he left his old school. However, after reading an article in The Trinity Grammarian, he was impressed with our Indigenous program and decided to show his support in the most immediate way, by making a major gift to the Indigenous Scholarship Fund. 

The power of gifts like Ken’s enable us to change the lives of so many boys and strengthen important education learning journeys and programs. We are grateful to all our donors for continuing to support Trinity and our students, especially in these ever-changing times. 


Ken in Myanmar

‘I left Australia after my internship in 1969, and I have been living in Canada since 1971. A few years back, when I visited Melbourne, my cousin, Laurence Law, who is also an OTG, took me to the school for a visit. I could hardly recognise the place except for Roberts House where I boarded. Since then, I have received The Trinity Grammarian, and one issue discussed the Indigenous student scholarship. I thought that was an excellent way to provide Indigenous students a chance to advance their education and hope that they can finish a tertiary education and return home to serve their community. That is what triggered my little contribution.

I was fortunate that my family sent me to Trinity, because I was an average student and I do not have a good memory. When I was taking British History, Mr Leppitt told me that remembering dates are not as important as understanding the social, economic and political conditions. After that, it opened up my mind and I was able to get past the memory part of medicine, and excelled in my profession as a specialist.’