Drama at Trinity includes the classroom curriculum program and co-curricular production seasons. As part of these two programs, students gain knowledge and practical experience into the world of theatre-making. While some students choose to take on a leading or supporting role on stage, others find interest in developing skills and expertise in lighting, sound and backstage roles.

Cocurricular Drama Program:

  • Annual Middle Years Play (Year 7 and Year 8)
  • Annual Senior Years Play (Year 10-12)
  • Annual Year 9 Play (produced by Ruyton)
  • Annual Musical (Years 9-12, Trinity produces in ‘even’ years, Ruyton produces in ‘odd’ years)
  • Drama Core Program (Run by senior Drama students/leaders for younger year levels)

Classroom Program:

Drama is a core subject at Year 7 and 8 and offered as an elective in Year 9 and 10. At VCE, both Drama and Theatre Studies are on offer and form part of the co-ordinate program with Ruyton.