School Purchase Agreement

Tablet Computers: Parent and Student Responsibility

Trinity requires that all computers are maintained in ‘good working order’ allowing for normal wear and tear. This obligation is assumed by parents and students renting or using the computers. Boys finishing Year 6 are required to return their computers (there is also an option to pay out the machine if that is of interest) and will be issued with a new machine at the start of Year 7.

Examples of what is considered normal wear and tear over the 3 year life of a machine:

  • Slight discolouration of casing and small, superficial scuffs or chips;
  • Lightly soiled/worn keyboard, touchpad and mouse buttons, loose or sticking keys;
  • Minor scratches to the screen surface;
  • Minor markings to bag, with no tears or damaged zippers;
  • A working power adaptor and a working battery.

Examples of what is not considered normal wear and tear:

  • Damaged screens, including bruising or substantial scratches;
  • Damaged lid latches, hinges or other movable parts;
  • Broken power adaptors, dead batteries and machines which do not power on;
  • Deep or unsightly cracks in the casing;
  • Keys moved/swapped around or missing from the keyboard;
  • Missing or damaged components, e.g. tablet pens or AC adapter;
  • Bags with cuts, tears, broken zippers or graffiti;
  • Attempted removal of, or deliberate damage to the serial number or product registration stickers, or the addition of other adhesive stickers, writing or graffiti.

There will be an option to buy out the computer at the end of Year 6. However, you are reminded that students will be issued with a new computer at the start of Year 7 and a new agreement will be entered into by parents for this computer.

Damage caused during the rental period:

The allocated Tablet Computer will be the responsibility of the student. They must ensure that they have a working learning tool to bring to class. Students must take all reasonable precautions to prevent damage, and must follow the School’s instructions for storage and transport of the Computer. Failure to do so will mean it is the responsibility of the family to reimburse any loss. Note that all insurance claims incur a capped repair charge of $100. Situations involving total loss are covered as follows:

  • First occasion of total loss – $100 excess
  • Second occasion of total loss – $250 excess
  • In the unlikely event of a third occasion of total loss the parents are liable for the whole cost of a new computer.

You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent damage and to comply with both the School’s the Manufacturers’ recommendations relating to the safeguarding and operation of the Tablet PC. All repairs must be carried out by the Trinity Tech Centre or our authorised repair agents. Any repairs attempted by any other people could see repair costs exceed $100. This is determined by Trinity at its sole and reasonable discretion.