Years 9 Curriculum

Year 9 is the final year of the Middle Secondary learning focus, the culmination of the first half of the secondary program and before the transition to the VCE platform year of Year 10.

In Year 9 there is a particular focus on looking outwards to the globalised world in which a boy will be taking his place through the lens of a study of Chinese culture, not through the LOTE lens but through a cultural literacy one for all boys.  The opportunity for an international experience for all boys in this year level is afforded by the empirical part of this three-part course which all boys take.

The core program continues to be expanded by a suite of semester-length elective choices for the boys, some of which may run in both semesters at Year 9 (depending on staffing and timetabling) and some only in one.  As usual, the numbers of boys interested being variable and the staffing available will mean that we cannot run all courses in any one year.

At the end of his Year 9 experience a boy will have a clearer sense of what his interests are, where his passions and enthusiasms lie, and while he is perhaps not always quite ready for the committed choices he must make later on, he will still have the opportunity here to explore a bit more and confirm where those paths are likely to be leading him.

If a boy is choosing a LOTE, he will not have to choose any other electives. If he is not taking a LOTE, he will have FOUR electives to choose.  A boy choosing to take two LOTEs will have an individualised timetable.


All boys will take:

  • Experiences that Shape Us (English)
  • Mathematics (Standard or Enrichment)
  • Origins (Science*)
  • Space Science (Science*)
  • Sports Science (Science*)
  • Science of Conflict (Science*)
  • Debates & Dreams (History)
  • Australia in a Globalised World (Geography)
  • Prep China, China, Post-China (China)
  • Call of Duty (Commerce)
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • First Aid & Wellbeing

*Boys will choose TWO of these four Science units as their Core Science program.

Electives available:

  • LOTE: Chinese (Standard & Established)
  • LOTE: French (Standard & Advanced)
  • LOTE: German (Standard & Advanced)
  • Visual Arts: Studio Practice (Art)
  • Digital Photography & Media (Art)
  • Media Studies: Narrative & Media Production (Art)
  • Sleuth (Commerce)
  • Bill Shock (Commerce)
  • Timber Furniture Structures (D & T)
  • Design & Manufacturing for the Future:Laser Technology (D & T)
  • Design & Manufacturing for the Future: 3D Printing (D & T)
  • Don’t Tell Me – Show Me! (Drama)
  • The Poet’s Voice (English)
  • Life in Extremes (Geography)
  • Geography Through Film (Geography)
  • Hazard Geography (Geography)
  • Espionage (History)
  • People & Power (History)
  • Cooking for Life (Hospitality)
  • Programming (IT)
  • Future Technologies – Your Dream Gadget (IT)
  • Computer Hardware & Maintenance (IT)
  • Discrete Mathematics (Mathematics)
  • Music Performance Techniques (Music)
  • Composing with Technology (Music)
  • First Aussies (Religion)
  • X Files (Religion)
  • God and Art (Religion)
  • Robotics (Science)
  • Genetics (Science)
  • Science of Magic (Science)