Year 7 Curriculum

Year 7 at Trinity Grammar School is a transition year. While  about 40% of our Year 7 cohort comes up from the Junior School, the balance of our students come from more than 24 different primary schools. Therefore the key focus is on developing enthusiastic learners who become part of the Trinity secondary school culture and community.

We prioritise the core learning in major disciplines and also give students a broad but more discipline-focused experience than they may have had in their primary school experience. The only choice boys will make at this level is which Language Other than English (LOTE) they will take, and they may take two LOTEs.  In addition we offer the Learning in Depth (LiD) program to all boys, to develop an imaginative and creative approach to learning with an opportunity to develop skills, knowledge, and responsibility in a project-based environment which continues into Year 9.  Above all, boys should be able to discover even more where their interests and passions lie, in the world of secondary learning.

  • New Beginnings (English)
  • Mathematics – Standard & Enrichment
  • Science
  • Life, Death & Empire (History)
  • Design & Technology
  • Tell Me a Story (Drama)
  • Geography
  • Information Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
LOTE – Languages Other Than English (one or two to be selected)
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
LiD Program
  • Learning in Depth


  • Appreciation
  • Classroom instrumental


  • Visual, Graphic, Studio

Design and Technology

  • Design and Construction
  • Simple Models

Outdoor Education

  • Five-day camp at Leppitt Outdoor Education Centre

Pastoral Care

  • Peer Support
  • Personal Development

Extension and Remediation (LCS – Literacy & Curriculum Support)

Sport: Summer and winter

House Activities