Year 10 Curriculum

Year 10 is the year in which students start to define their pathways into their two-year VCE Studies program.  Some boys will already have a clear sense of how their interests and strengths are leading them in particular directions, but many are still keen to keep their options open, exploring a number of possibilities and challenging themselves.

While the essential core program continues, the electives at this year level include a number of double or “Super Electives”, taken across both semesters rather than in one semester, in addition to the suite of single-semester electives. These “Super Electives” count as TWO electives.

This is the year in particular when students step up to the increased rigour and challenge provided by courses at this level.  While Trinity does not usually offer VCE Studies at Units 1 and 2, there is a deliberate intention to offer comparative or greater challenge commensurate with that level in many of the courses offered at Year 10, and the Super Electives, in particular, are pitched accordingly.

Students in Year 10 will choose in the following patterns of SIX Electives: a LOTE (which counts for FOUR) and 1 Super Elective; a LOTE and 2 Electives; 2 Super Electives and two electives; 1 Super Elective and 4 electives; 6 electives. A student who wishes to retain two LOTEs will have an individualised timetable.

All students will take:

  • The Vision Splendid (English)
  • Global Citizen (Commerce)
  • Mathematics (Standard; Further; Enrichment; Accelerated)
  • Science (Two of the Core * Electives must be chosen)
  • Commerce (One of the Electives must be chosen)
  • Rights and Freedoms (History)
  • Either Assassins and Terrorists or Towards a Violent Century (History)
  • Environments and Human Wellbeing (Geography)
  • Physical Education

Electives offered:

  • LOTE: Chinese (Standard or Established)
  • LOTE: French (Standard or Advanced)
  • LOTE: German (Standard or Advanced)
  • Narrative & Media Production (Art)
  • Photographic and Digital Media Studies (Art)
  • Visual Arts: Studio Practice (Art)
  • Visual Arts: Art Practice & Theory (Art)
  • Thinking Like  a Designer: Super Elective (Art)
  • Show Me the Money! (Commerce)
  • Pathway to Wealth (Commerce)
  • Criminal Minds (Commerce)
  • Business Initiative Program (Commerce)
  • Intellectual Property: Super Elective (Commerce)
  • Motor Vehicle Appreciation (Design & Technology)
  • Things That Move (Design & Technology)
  • Product Design: Super Elective (Design & Technology)
  • Theatre of the Past – Not as Old as You Think (Drama)
  • Breaking the Boundaries – Modern Theatre (Drama)
  • English Support for International Students (English)
  • Literature That Lasts: Super Elective (English)
  • Meteorology and Climate (Geography)
  • Urbanisation – Growth of the City (Geography)
  • Out in The Field: Super Elective (Geography)
  • Big History (History)
  • City in History: Super Elective (History)
  • Cooking Healthy Dishes (Hospitality)
  • The Road to VET Hospitality: Super Elective (Hospitality)
  • Basic Film Production (Information Technology)
  • Programming (Information Technology)
  • Operating Systems & Networking (Information Technology)
  • This is IT! : Super Elective (Information Technology)
  • Music Investigation (Music)
  • Recording Studio (Music)
  • Music Performance Preparation: Super Elective (Music)
  • Exercise Physiology (Physical Education)
  • Sport for Life (Physical Education)
  • Sport Performance – What’s Limiting You? : Super Elective (Physical Education)
  • Living Faiths (Religious Education)
  • Ethics (Religious Education)
  • Spies, Codes, and Texting: Super Elective (Religious Education)
  • Bad Science (Science*)
  • Chemistry Around You (Science*)
  • Preparatory Chemistry (Science*)
  • Preparatory Physics (Science*)
  • The World of Biology: Super Elective (Science)
  • Understanding Psychology: Super Elective (Science)