Coordinate Program

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The Coordinate Program, in partnership with Ruyton Girls’ School, enables Trinity students to access an extensive selection of VCE subjects, as well as experiencing coeducation at an age and stage at which they gain maximum benefit.

The Coordinate Program began in 1993 when LOTE classes were shared between Trinity and Ruyton. From there, it has grown into more than 60 combined classes offered today.

The close proximity of our two schools and a strong commitment to working together to deliver the best of both single-sex and coeducation, enables our Year 11 and 12 students to branch out from their own school environment and begin engaging with other members of the community in a meaningful way.

At some stage during their final two years of school, most boys will undertake at least one subject with Ruyton. Importantly, the Coordinate Program enables Trinity boys to access a broader range of subjects than might otherwise be possible. Students also benefit greatly from interacting socially with the Ruyton girls.

In addition to accessing Year 11 and 12 classes, the Coordinate Program provides a range of other opportunities for our boys, including theatrical productions, sporting and cocurricular events, joint fundraising projects, and even dancing classes.

The overall outcome of the Coordinate Program is for students of both Trinity and Ruyton to gain access to the broadest possible academic program, in an environment that helps them to build the maturity and social skills they will need as they progress beyond secondary school.