Outdoor Education


During the year the boys in the Junior School experience a variety of camps. Each boy from years four to six attend two camps each year, the first being a camp to that is designed to help build friendships and provide physical challenges. Boys in Year 4 and Year 6 attend Camp Rumbug together for three days while the Year 5 boys attend Portsea Camp also for 3 days in Term One. In addition the Year 6 boys spend an additional two nights at Waratah Bay after attending Camp Rumbug.

In Term 4 the Year 3 boys have a one night camp at Mt Morton, the Year 4 boys spend two nights at Beechworth, the Year 5 students visit Sovereign Hill in Ballarat for three nights and the Year 6 students have four night camp in Canberra. The camps from year four to year six enhance the unit of inquiry being studied in the classroom.