Letter from the Chairman of School Council – 19 March 2018

Letter from the Chairman of School Council – 19 March 2018

Dear Trinity Grammar School Community

I write with another update on the work being carried out relating to a range of issues raised in the past week or so.

Terms of reference for independent review of Deputy Headmaster dismissal

Today, Mr Raymond Finkelstein AO QC issued to the school his terms of reference for the independent review of the dismissal of Deputy Headmaster, Rohan Brown.

The seven terms of reference are:

  1. What are the School policies, codes of conduct or statutory or regulatory requirements that set out the conduct required of teaching staff?
  2. In what circumstances can a member of the teaching staff:
    – be dismissed; or
    – have his or her employment contract terminated.
  3. What are the procedures that must be followed before a member of the teaching staff:
    – is able to be dismissed; or
    – may have his or her employment contract terminated.
  4. What were the procedures that were followed leading to the dismissal/termination of employment contract of Mr Rohan Brown?
  5. Were the procedures fair?
  6. Was the dismissal decision/termination of employment contract justified, reasonable or proportionate?
  7. What other issues relating to the dismissal/termination of employment contract of Mr Brown should be brought to the attention of the School?

Mr Finkelstein has begun the review with the assistance of Ms Renee Enbom.

Last week, Mr Finkelstein wrote to the school and set an expectation that he and Ms Enbom:

…will have the full cooperation of school staff and the School Council, have access to whatever documentation they require during this process, will be able to speak with the parents of the student involved, if appropriate and may seek the views of any group they think may assist, including the Parents’ Association and the Old Trinity Grammarians’ Association.

School consultation process

The school has been in contact with various groups over the past few days in preparation for a deep and wide, but also efficient and effective, consultation process.

The school consultation will include a representative from the following groups:

  • Students
  • Parents’ Association
  • General parent group
  • Staff association
  • Old Trinity Grammarians Association
  • Headmaster
  • Past chairs of Council
  • Council

The consultation will be led by an external facilitator. In the interests of complete independence, the appointment of that external facilitator will be chosen through a short initial stakeholder discussion next week. The person appointed will be agreed to by a majority of representatives at the meeting.

It’s hoped people will engage in the school’s consultation process in good faith and put trust in the process. If we are able to achieve this, I am confident we will be able to generate informed and respectful dialogue between different sections of Trinity’s community.

School Open Day postponed

During a difficult period for the school, our Headmaster, Dr Michael Davies, and Trinity teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure current boys have every opportunity to learn and develop. And during a complex time for students, the school’s boys have remained focussed on their learning and continued to commit to a range of extra-curricular and outreach programs.

Knowing that this focus needs to continue until the end of term, Dr Davies took a difficult decision today to postpone Trinity Open Day.

Originally scheduled for this Saturday, Open Day will be postponed until a date to be advised. In the meantime, the school will offer group tours for people interested in learning more about Trinity.

I look forward to updating again you on other matters in the coming days.

Yours sincerely

Robert Utter
Chairman of Council

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