Parents’ Association

Supporting our children’s future…

Our role is to:

  • support the School
  • promote the interests of parents and the School
  • help parents identify with and become a part of the Trinity Community
  • liaise with associated parent bodies and interests both inside and outside the School
  • provide extra facilities for the teachers and boys through fundraising
Parents' Association

Parents’ Association 2012


  • Class Representatives
  • Communications
  • Founders’ Day Fair
  • Friends of Music
  • Friends of Art
  • Friends of Drama
  • Green and Gold Ball Commitee
  • Secondhand Books

Committee Members:

  • President: Michael Tsotsos
  • Vice President : Alice Condick
  • Treasurer: Luis Silva
  • Secretary: Josephine Lee

Membership forms are available from the Development Office or here.

For more information please contact:
Jenny Banks, PA to the Director of Development and Community Relations
C/- The Development Office
Hudson House
53 Wellington St
KEW VIC 3101
T: + 61 3 9854 3600

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